Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Sleep Deprived Mom and Other Horror Stories

Last night I awoke to Zachary crying in the middle of the night.
His throat is sore and he has had a cough so I got up and gave him some medicine...and then held him for a good while on the couch.
It was really nice to have a quite time in the middle of the night to be together....just me and him. Now on those rare occasions when one of the boys needs me in the middle of the night, it is almost fun to be awakened.
Hasn't always been that way.
My memories of the newborn stage are fuzzy at best.
Before he was born, I thought, "Sleep deprivation??? No problem. I am married to a youth pastor. It will be no different than a lock -in."
My little lock-in lasted a good 3 months. As I recall, it was non-stop crying (and Zachary did his share of crying as well) :)
I was exhausted and thought I was loosing my mind (I think I was, in part....but I'll save that for another post)
I can remember sitting in the hospital bed 2 nights after his birth.
"Shhh, It's ok, Caleb. Don't cry little Caleb,Mommie's here."
His name is Zachary.
A few weeks later I would sleep right thru one of his hunger induced cries while dreaming that an aquaintance of mine was nursing him.
Once he got the sleeping thing down, he was actually an excellent sleeper and still is. Let's just say that I don't miss that stage. Not really. Not as long as they still need me in the middle of the night on ocassions.
Rare ocassions.
Very rare ocassions.

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  1. very nice reading and most of us I am sure can relate :) the moments are nice when we take the time to enjoy them...glad you are! :)