Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Stitch Fix #1 Review

As you know from my last post, I finally took the plunge and ordered my first fix from Stitch Fix!  I got a $20 credit so I was able to get my fix for free with the usual style fee waived (the fee is $20 but is applied toward any item you purchase in your fix).
I really like the stylist that I was assigned. Erica did a great job determining my style with limited information to go by.  I did leave her a note letting her know that I don't like uncomfortable clothes, I'm in need of clothing appropriate for work and I am cheap!  Poor Erica!  I also started a Pinterest board to show some outfits that I really like and included a note that I love pastel, feminine, asymmetrical and will not wear white pants.  :)  Spolier alert:  I ended up sending everything back in this fix.  While I thought Erica did a great job, there just wasn't anything that I "couldn't live without" in this one.
Here is what Erica picked for me:
I loved the color of this one, but thought it was a bit plain.  I didn't like the neckline either and thought it wasn't very figure flattering.  So I sent this one back.

I really loved the color of this top.  And the buttons down the back are adorable!  The hang up with this one:  SHEER!  And I mean completely see through!  I don't have a cami to wear under it, and buying one would have defeated the purpose of Stitch Fix: to shop in my own home from selections that a stylist finds.  Sent this one back.

Had it not been for the $98 price tag, I would have kept these pants. I loved how comfortable they were and I have been wanting colored pants.  The peachy~pink was pretty and as you can see in the 2nd photo, they had a lacy style print on them.  Wish they would have been 1/2 the price because I just cannot justify spending almost $100 on pants! 

Another shirt I would have seriously considered keeping except:  THIS IS THE MOST STATIC~Y SHIRT I HAVE EVER WORN!  You can see it clinging in the photo.  It was unreal.  Too bad because I love green and you can't tell from this photo, but it dips a bit lower in the back making it ideal to wear with leggings.  

The last item in my box was not even photographed.  It was a black and white A line skirt that hit mid calf.  I will update my style board for future reference, but mid calf is not a good length for me.  I'll only wear long of just above the knee.  

So, I am looking froward to getting another future fix.  I've read some tips on Stitch Fix's website on how to make the most of the feedback and Pinterest boards so the stylist gets a better idea of personal style and will update my board accordingly.  I would love to see your Stitch Fix reviews, so feel free to post the link to your blog below in the comments.  If you are interested in giving Stitch Fix a try, I would love for you to use my personal link (I'll get $25 credit and can get another fix!):