Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Catching up~

Ok. While I realize you have thoroughly enjoyed looking at my "Triangle Wrapping Tutorial" for the last 20 days, the show must go on~

A few weeks ago, the kids got 2 days off school because of our "big" 1 inch snow storm!
If you live in central Texas then you already know that school
gets cancelled at the mere hint of snow.
If you live elsewhere, then don't make fun of us be jealous of us.

Go make some.

Well, I'm actually employed now.
And while technically a "lunchroom monitor," it's easier just to refer to me as the lunch lady.
This may be the most romantic gift I have ever received for Valentine's Day.
Love it and love my husband's sense of humor.

I just love this new banner that is in the shop. It's made from vintage playing cards and handmade fabric "ribbon."
For those of you asking, " I wonder if it is worth the time and effort to make your own handmade ribbon?"
No. It is not.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Triangle Wrapping Tutorial

I'm a sucker for cute gift wrapping.
So when I saw these little paper packets online, I knew I wanted to make some.
Here's how:

You can start with just about any size of paper. I used scrapbook paper for mine, but you can also use regular wrapping paper. I made a few Valentine packets (don't know what else to call these!) for the boy's teachers and used them to wrap little bags of candy. For the Valentine ones, I started with a 12x12 piece of scrapbook paper.

Because my candy bag wasn't very big, I folded the left edge of the paper over a little. I suppose you could just cut it off, but if does make a nice "hemmed" edge.

Fold the right side of the paper about 3/4 (or a little more) over the candy (or whatever you are wrapping).

Now fold the left side over the top.

Sew across the bottom to secure the papers. I used a standard stitch length and backstitched at the beginning and the end.

Now pinch together the top side of the papers in the opposite way of the seam you just made.

And sew the papers together in the same way.
Clip the hanging threads.
For decorative purposes, use speciality scissors to make a nice border. Or use pinking shears.

Decorate with ribbon or other embellishments.

I am considering making some little rings for my Etsy shop.
If I do, I will package them in little packets like this to send to my customers.
You can make these little packets in any size.
Here is a tiny one I made that would perfectly hold a little ring.

Hope you enjoy! Let me know if you make any...would love to see them!