Sunday, December 11, 2016

Scenes from around our farm

Old Man Winter has arrived.  He sure is a handsome fellow~


Saturday, December 10, 2016

Gourmet Holidays~

Bruschetta ~ $4.50

Now booking for January parties!  I would love to help you earn free gourmet mixes.  All my party hosts earn the top rewards: 15% of party sales in free merchandise and a free mix from me. If you are local, I would love to help you host an in-home party.  Across the country?  No worries!  There are a variety of parties available: Catalog, Office, Facebook, etc.  Rewards are the same regardless of type of party.  January is an excellent time to host as schedules tend to get less hectic.  Contact me today to reserve a place on my calendar! 

Spiced Apple Cake ~ $6.25

December special ~ Available to all, not just hosts

In the meantime, get your holiday orders in tonight or tomorrow!  Our gourmet mixes make hosting Christmas parties SO easy!