Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Repost from 2009- I'm just not a camping kind of girl!

Ha, Ha!  Reposting this from 2009. Enough time has passed that I am actually considering going camping again.  

A Camping Diary From A Non-Camping Kind Of Girl

4pm~ Walk through the woods with Josh and the boys. Perfect weather!

4:30pm~Stop for wading in the river. Nothing like baby bottoms!

7:00pm~Hobo dinners and smores around the fire. I think every boy loves fire!

9pm~Boys in the tent for bed. I smile as I listen to the boys talking. Zachary tells little brother, " Don't worry. God did not create monsters. Well, maybe He created them, but they are extinct now."

10pm~ Josh and I go to bed. 

10:02 pm ~ I'm excited that my hair, which had been up in a clip all day and is now down, still smells like my fruity shampoo. :)

10:21pm~ Now sharing my pillow with Zachary. Wondering why we decided not to bring the boy's pillows.

10:56pm~ Hear the man in the tent across the campground talking about a chupacabra.

10:59pm~ Wonder if the chupacabra is Big Foot's pet.

11:16pm~ Josh swipes my fruity hair out of his face.

12:01pm~ Hear a donkey hee-hawing in the woods. (I'm not kidding!)

12:06pm~ Hear a gun shot in the woods (still not kidding!)

1:12am~ Plan on designing a terry cloth robe jumpsuit.

1:17am~ Reconsider the robe jumpsuit idea.

1:25am~ Forgot how cold it gets at night.

1:32am~ Relieved to see that the sun is beginning to come up.

1:57am~ Disappointed to see that the sun is not coming up.

2:33am~ Zachary swipes my fruity hair out of his face.

2:47am~ Wonder if it is just a coincidence that after the gunshot I never heard the donkey again.

3:41am~ Start to worry that Lucas might me hypothermic.

4:00am~ Wonder why no one commented on how good mom's hair smelled.

4:51am~ Hear a creature creeping around outside the tent.

5:07am~ Put Lucas in the sleeping bag with me. Now sharing my pillow with 2 boys.

5:30am~ A little sleep despite the sore hips and sleeping arms. 

8:30am~ Breakfast tacos cooked on the fire and one final hike.

10:30am~ Thank goodness we are home. It was fun for a change. Looking forward to the next camping trip when the boys go and I get to stay home and sew all weekend! :)

Sunday, April 17, 2016

We have a winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway! Thank you also for becoming Facebook fans and blog followers...I SO appreciate it!  Congratulations to Stacy Tilton! You are the winner of the Gourmet Cupboard mixes! I'll be in touch with you soon through email.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Giveaway Time!!!!


I'm so excited to share today's post with you!  It's giveaway time and this one offers lots of chances to win! The winner of this giveaway will receive their choice of any 3 mixes (up to $5.00 value each) from The Gourmet Cupboard!  
The Gourmet Cupboard makes meal time so easy and delicious.  We have over 200 mixes to choose from ~ anything from the main course to beverages and desserts and everything in between.  All you do is add a few perishable ingredients (sour cream, meat, etc) and you have a complete dish ready to serve.  Most contain no preservatives or MSG.  We have comfort foods like baked potato soup, sweet cornbread, broccoli rice and cheese casserole, hickory smoked brisket, German chocolate pie and Southern pecan coffee.  There are sugar free selections like the sugar free hot chocolate and peanut butter pie.  Lots of savory choices like garlic cheese biscuits, Mexican meatloaf,  Asian pork wraps and chicken and dumpling soup.  My mouth is watering!  

In addition to this great giveaway, check out my Facebook page.  There is a fun contest going on there right now!  You could be the mystery hostess and walk away with ALL the party hostess benefits (that means FREE mixes for you!!!)!!!

(overnight sticky buns)

Ok here are the details~
Do any (or all!) of the following for a chance to win the giveaway mixes:

* Visit my website and leave a comment telling me which mix sounds the best and why (1 entry)
* "Like" my Facebook page then let me know your name and that you are a new Facebook fan in the comments below (1 entry)
* "Follow" my Facebook page then let me know your name and that you are a new Facebook follower in the comments below (1 entry)
*Blog about this giveaway and post your link in the comments below (1 entry)
*Make a purchase and let me know your name and that you made a purchase in the comments below (10 entries!) (This purchase will count toward the Mystery hostess contest that is going on on Facebook too!)
*Book a catalog or online party to begin by 4/18 and contact me to set up the details.  My email button is on the right sidebar-------->  (10 entries!)
*Follow this blog and introduce yourself as a new follower in the comments below (1 entry)

BE SURE I HAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS OR A WAY TO CONTACT YOU IN CASE YOU ARE THE WINNER!  Open to all 18 years or older and in the United States (due to shipping costs).  Contest runs now until 4/17/16.

(lasagne soup)

All entries will literally be put into a hat and drawn by one of my children on 4/17.  There will be a fight between my children over who gets to draw the name.  See how much I love you guys!  
 I'll contact the winner that day to find out what mixes you want to choose.  Winner must respond within 48 hrs or another name will be drawn.  Mixes will be ordered and then mailed to you by the end of the month.

(raspberry dip)

Good luck to all my wonderful readers!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

New kids

Zachary picked out his 4H goat today as well as his pet "buddy" goat.  Oh my goodness, these little guys are so, so cute!
Meet Jack and Buddy~

Jack is on the left ~he's the show goat.  Buddy is the pet goat on the right. 

Buddy loves to be brushed and scratched!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Key Lime Pie

I'm not crazy about traditional key lime pie.  It's too tart for my liking and it's not my favorite consistency.  Good news for people like me:  The Gourmet Cupboard's key lime pie is much fluffier with a cream cheese and cool whip base.  It's simple- no cooking involved- and it's so yummy!  I bet it would make a wonderful start for one of the cool whip fruit salad recipes too...I'll have to try that sometime soon!  Do you like key lime pie?

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Homemade Chili

Or should I say Semi-Homemade.  Last week I made chili using a mix from The Gourmet Cupboard. It reminded me of Josh's grandfather's homemade chili recipe...a true Texas chili without beans.  It was delicious and I hope to make it again using a cornbread mix to go with it.
Chili is such a regional recipe.  In Texas, it can't really be considered chili if it contains beans. A few years back, Josh and I visited Cincinnati and when the locals discovered we were from out of state they insisted that we must try their chili.  Everywhere we went, we saw advertising for"delicious chili," so of course we immediately found a restaurant and ordered a bowl.  I was shocked to see that it was served over spaghetti noodles!  In addition you could order onions, cheese, etc piled on top.  Very interesting and different than what we were used to!  How do you prefer your chili?  I would love to hear how your region enjoys the dish!
In the meantime, check out TGC's version along with all the other tasty mixes we offer.  The choices really do make dinner simple and quick!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

A New Adventure

Hello Readers~
 I wanted to let you know all about my new business.  I have signed up to be a distributor for The Gourmet Cupboard.  Some of you may be wondering- What is The Gourmet Cupboard?  Well, we sell over 200 different mixes like soups and meals to feed your entire family.  Available are dips, wonderful desserts including many sugar free, cookies and bars, beverage mixes and much more!  Each one is handmade using only the finest gourmet ingredients at just the right proportions.  Each mix includes all of the dry ingredients; you simply add a few additional ingredients (sour cream, cream cheese, water, etc).  The products are all individually handmade in southeast Texas and most contain no preservatives, msg, or chemicals.

          Don’t cook?  All of the mixes are really simple to make!  Anyone can cook delicious foods with the help of The Gourmet Cupboard!! 
On a diet?  You can make many of the mixes using low fat ingredients.
On a budget?  Our mixes are very reasonably priced.  Where else can you spend around $5 and literally feed your entire family? 
          If you would like to host a party, I would love to set up an online party for those of you out of town or an in-home party for those of you nearby (Western Montana).  I’m flexible to help arrange the type of event that earns you the most free products!  By hosting either type of party, you would earn 15% of the total amount sold in free products of your choice (for all parties $100 or more).  
          Our mixes are great for giving as gifts, to have on hand when company drops by, or just for serving to yourself and your family.  They have a shelf life of 6 months to 1 year. 

          Contact me if you would be interested in having a party.  Here is a link to my website.  You may email me using the link on the right hand side of this page.  Many thanks to my friends that have already signed up to host a party- you won’t be disappointed!  Please feel free to purchase mixes directly from my website as well.  I think you will love the selection and ease that The Gourmet Cupboard provides!