Thursday, April 9, 2009

I love a good "creature" story.
And if actual photographs are included...well, now that's good reading!
So I wanted to share this article that I read a few days ago. I found it in our local community magazine that comes out about 2x a month.
I was just about to pull up Mapquest to find the exact neighborhood where the story took place so I could begin my stakeout, when I realized that this siteing actually took place in the Dallas metroplex, rather than here (Houston).
Let me know what you think!!!
Thanks to the author, Amanda Tackett for sharing her story!


  1. I have to say that it is all unfortunately TRUE...I saw it too.

  2. And if you need is the video:

  3. cute pictures....I remember the days that my kids use to color eggs..they are too busy with girlfriends and boyfriends now...booooooring :)