Friday, April 24, 2009

Feature Friday Time!

Allow me to introduce Rebecca of Vintage Gardens~

I think you will love her shop! Her jewelry is stunning and so unique. And the photographs of each piece are gorgeous!

With so much to choose from I suspect you will find something that catches your eye~

Mother's Day is just around the corner and I bet you could find something for your special mother in Rebecca's shop!
I asked Rebecca a few questions to help us get to know her better~
Tell us a little about yourself and your Etsy shop~
My name is Rebecca Weldon. I live in Jacksonville, FL with my amazing fiance', Gene, and our two silly doggies, Angus the Bulldog and Frodo the Chihuahua. I love coffee, trying new recipes, karaoke, my family, and just about any medium of art. I have had a sort of obsession with art since I was a young girl…in the 3rd grade one of my drawings won an art contest that featured my work in a city-wide school calendar. I remember the sense of pride I felt and have been hooked ever since. I have a lot of creative energy. I get so excited over a new project that I can’t sit still and have to rush to the craft store on my lunch break to buy all the needed supplies, which usually ends up sitting in a bag in my craft room along with all my other great ideas and unfinished projects. O.C.D.? Nahhhh!
My Etsy shop consists of vintage and/or vintage inspired jewelry. I offer a variety of pieces from dainty to bold to try to reach all different kinds of customers. I am very passionate about creating jewelry, and I get so excited to see a new piece come together.

How long have you been selling on Etsy~

At the end of 2006, I started a shop on Etsy, The Artful Garden, where I created pendants made of polymer clay and famous works of art under a clear resin. I was actually doing pretty well with sales, but I got burnt out having to roll, cut and bake the clay before applying the images and decided to close that shop down. It was too difficult to keep up having a full-time job as well. So, at the beginning of last year I started Vintage Gardens and just recently have been dedicating more time and energy into this shop to hopefully make this one a success too. My goal is to eventually be able to quit this full-time job of mine and dedicate more of my time to Vintage Gardens

What are your favorite items to make and your favorite supplies to work with~

Currently, my favorite pieces to create are my silver and Swarovski crystal earrings that feature famous works of art, vintage maps and sheet music, etc. under a clear resin (attached below). They are much like my pieces from my previous shop, minus the time consuming clay. I plan to create lots more of these in the near future…so stay tuned! :)

Rebecca has graciously provided a giveaway for one of you lucky readers!

You could win these beautiful earrings!

Take a look at her shop then come back here and let me know your favorite item. Be sure there is a way to contact you in your post or by clicking on your blogger id. I will announce the winner next Wednesday. Good luck and thanks so much Rebecca!



  1. Such a gorgeous shop!! It's difficult to choose (love those blue earrings in the pic above!) but I think my absoulte favourite piece is 'Fit for a Queen- Vintage Inspired Silver and Swarovski Crystal Earrings'.


  2. i love this in her shop:

    i adore plum, so lovely!

    and i love the earrings that are going to be given away.


    this Rose necklace is STUNNING!! So talented :)

  4. VintageGardens, you have beautiful jewelry! My favorite piece (after much indecision because I like 'em all)-- "In Flight-- Green & Silver Sparrow Earrings." The colors are awesome!


  5. Goodness! It's hard to choose! I'm going to go with the Greek Goddess locket! I love cameos and lockets are so mysterious!

    Amanda - amandabethboutique[at]

  6. What an amazing shop!!! I really love these earrings, they look so elegant:

  7. Beautiful jewelry!
    I love this Klimt-inspired necklace with the moonglow beads
    The chain is unusual and makes for a truly unique and fabulous piece.

  8. Simplicity in Amethyst necklace and earrings = amazing.


  9. I've never touched the stuff, but I like the Whiskey Drop Earrings. :0)

    Beautiful color and design!
    -10oneworld on Etsy


    My etsy name is nigatsubebe , at or

    I loved my grandmother's things and adored crystals and sparkly things even more. ^^ These pieces remind me of her work.

  11. the lace vintage white earrings are dreamy!! love your shop!! namaste, elsie

  12. tough choice! what a great shop. i think these are my favorite...

    thanks for letting me enter!

  13. This is my favorite item

    Already a favorite shop for some time.


  14. I love her jewelry! Especially the "Lily of the valley" earrings:

    Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity!