Saturday, December 27, 2008


You deserve something special.

So here is your chance to win a fabulous prize package:

The above items all came from some fantastic Etsy sellers.

Aromatherapy soap samples by FarmhouseSoaps

Lavender-Lemon Sample Cuticle Cream by ButterByEssentials

Glass Tile Pendant by Cynthia VH Ehrlich

Silver Nile Earrings by DayJeweler

Visit all of the above shops and then comment here letting me know your very favorite item in one of the shops for a chance to win. One name will be drawn on Monday and that winner will receive all 4 items. Be sure and use your blogger id or leave contact info in your comment. Good luck!


  1. I've gotta say I still love the silver nile earrings by DayJeweler - I actually entered another giveaway for those but I didn't win ;)

    BUT I also love all of cynthia's pendants!

    Thanks Splendid things!

  2. What a VERY cool giveaway!

    From Farmhouse soaps this is what I like the tray:

    From ButterByEssentials I like the berry/mango soap:

    From Cnythia VH Ehrlich I like the one in the giveaway best:

    From DayJeweler I like the love earrings second to the ones in your giveaway:

    Thanks for such a great comp!


  3. all the shops are nice but I got a thing for soap and love the Oval Ceramic Gift Bowl with Aromatherapy Soaps by Farmhouse Soaps

  4. love them!

    From Farmhouse soaps:

    From ButterByEssentials :

    From Cnythia VH Ehrlich:

    From DayJeweler:

  5. I love the 'Glass Tile Pendant of Chiyogami Yuzen Washi paper of Cute Elephant Red Polka Dots' from CynthiaVHEhrlich's shop - so cute!!!

    contact me at:

  6. May Canadians enter? I love the Sweet Calendula Aromatherapy Soap by Farmhouse Soaps.

    ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

  7. Great Giveaway opportunity!!!
    I love farmhouse's rustic look and the sampler many wonderful want to try them all.
    Butterbyessentials looks very luxurious
    very colourful glass tile pendants at cynthiavhehrlich's shop
    and dayjeweler has sweet dragonflies

    All shops are quite lovely. It's been a pleasure viewing them. Thanx.

    Yours truly,

  8. My fav is the midnightangel necklace from dayjeweler~~~

  9. awesome!!! thanks for the chance!

    i like these:

  10. I am so excited about this giveaway! I'm really crossing my fingers :)

    Farmhouse Soaps: I love the lemongrass tea tree soap.. I am sure it smells wonderful!

    Butterbyessentials: I think the lavender whipped soap looks amazing.. it looks good enough to eat!

    Cynthiavhehrlich: I love the blue-green bamboo tile pendant.. the color is beautiful!

    dayjeweler: the leaf stone pendants are great.. very detailed.. and a great natural idea.

    Thanks again for the chance to win! Great shops to look at! or artcsara at gmail dot com

  11. This wasn't easy to decide but I'm going to say this:

    from ButterByEssentials

    I can be reached thru etsy

  12. I love the Midnight Angel set from Day Jeweler

    It has such a fabulous vintage style that would be perfect to dress up any outfit.

  13. Wow, great giveaway package! These are my favs:

  14. I visited cynthia VH Ehrilich shop and i was amazed by the owl pendent

    I also visited day hewlery and liked the dolphin earrings they are beautiful.


  15. What a great giveaway! Thanks for hosting!

    My favorites from:

    Lemongrass Tea Tree Aromatherapy Soap by Farmhouse Soaps

    Soothing Natural Lip Balms

    Glass Tile Pendant Image of Japanese Painting of White Waterlily

    Forest Dragonfly

  16. What a luxurious collection of items! What a splendid way to pamper yourself with goodies like these!

    The Antioxidant Facial Cream at ButterbyEssentials sounds fantastic!


  17. I love the aloe mint soap the face firming serum, the crane pendant and the nile earrings in gold. So fun to discover theses new shops. You can contact me through my etsy shop.

  18. I love love Cynthia's shop and am very much drawn to the bamboo tile pendants!


  19. Beautiful items! Here are my favourite ones:

    ♥Farmhouse Soaps: Sweet calendula Soap
    ♥Butter by Essentials: Soothing Hemp Butter Lip Balm
    ♥Cynthia VH Ehrlich: Glass tile pendant yellow canaries
    ♥Day Jeweler: Passion dragonfly earrings

    I want to win!!!!

  20. I would love to try out the Anitioxidant Facial Cream from ButterByEssentials. Thank you kindly for the giveaway!