Friday, December 19, 2008

Cartoon Cuts Here We Come!

Lucas hates haircuts. It's seems to be a big production each time we take him. I usually end up holding him on my lap or making goofy clown faces during the duration of the haircut in an attempt to keep him calm.

So I decided to save the $12 and the headache and cut his hair myself. I actually prefer his hair "fluffy". He's got great, thick hair and since he is 2, I think he looks cute with shaggy hair. I decided to just trim his bangs. They were hanging in his eyes and I was beginning to refer to him as the "collie" so I guess it was time. He had to tilt his chin up toward the ceiling in order to see out. I made them crooked, by the way, on purpose, so it wouldn't look like a fresh haircut. I actually think he looks cute.

Josh said he looks like one of the Children of the Corn.

So I guess we will be taking him in early next week for a real haircut. Wish me luck.


  1. I don't think he looks like one of the Children of the Corn, but it was funny! I wish I could pull off the shaggy hair on my kids. Ben's is too coarse and Andrew's is too fly away! He's a doll!

  2. Haha. He looks fine! I think it's cute, too.

  3. Lovely shop and blog too.....

  4. I think it is cute.Much better than when I did my daughter at about that age.It was uneven and kept trying..she still complains about my ruining her.