Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Catching up...

A few months back when Josh was out of town for a few days, the boys and I participated in "bed swap". During "bed swap," the boys can choose any bed in the house they want to sleep in. Of course, they choose to pile in the queen bed with me. Josh does not like to participate in bed swap and frankly I have second thoughts now that I have encountered Lucas ~ AKA Flip Flop. Both boys slept like a rock despite Lucas' tossing and turning all night. An elbow to my eye, a foot to my stomach, on and on all night long. So....when we decided to have "bed swap" again a few nights ago, I decided to coax the boys into sleeping in their own room. "Hey wouldn't it be fun to sleep in sleeping bags on your bedroom floor!!! It would be just like a campout!" They agreed and had a great time side by side on their bedroom floor. I snapped this pic after they finally got done laughing and talking. The room is really dark, of course, and the flash didn't even cause them to flinch.

Lucas enjoying (wearing) some chocolate candy...

I was really stressing at the idea of hauling all the "Santa" presents to Grandma's house in Dallas this year. So we asked the boys if they would like to write a letter to Santa and ask him if he would bring their presents a day early . He wrote a lovely letter back to them and later tonight he will be visiting our home a night early! I ran out of milk yesterday, which doesn't seem to be a problem as we decided that Santa prefers Cherry Coke.

By the way, this is Zachary's new face for every single picture...

I have baked my little oven mits off the last few days, making bread and cookies as Christmas gifts for Josh's entire family. Soon I'll post the recipe for New England Pumpkin Bread.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

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