Monday, March 30, 2009

So I participated in a swap a few weeks ago and look what I got in the mail from my swap partner!

I love this pillow and the picture does not do it justice!

The fabric is so thick and the quilting is fantastic. It matches our bedding perfectly as well! Thanks so much, Angela!


A few weeks ago I submitted a color combination to Kevin as a design idea for a new set of notecards he was creating. He narrowed all the submissions down to his favorite 3 and accepted votes from the public to decide the winning combination. My colors were in the running. Guess what? I won! So I will be recieving a set of his new notecards all the way from the UK soon featuring my color idea. Thanks, Kevin!

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  1. I happened to notice you were also in the Woodlands. I have an 8yo, 5yo, and an 8 month old. We are in Alden Bridge. Nice to meet you!