Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Zachary has been searching for a 4 leaf clover for several weeks now.

I'm so glad that he found his 1st one yesterday, on St Patricks Day!

6 years ago yesterday Zachary was due. We were planning on a St. Patty's Day baby.

But he came a day late. Which makes TODAY his birthday!

Happy birthday to my big 6 year old.

You are smart, extremely sweet and sensitive, kindhearted, and funny.

Zachary, you make my heart smile!


  1. very cute! I have never found a 4 leaf clover in my life, but my mother is REALLY good at finding them. In the summertime she can sit in a lawnchair and spot them from a pretty good distance wherever they may be in the yard.

  2. Happy Birthday Zachary! And how lucky he must be!!! :)