Thursday, March 12, 2009

The only doctor that makes me giggle

I'm not really afraid of going to the doctor. I think having babies pretty much nixes all fear of shots and doctors as well as any sense of modesty. Still, it's not my favorite thing to do.


Going to the eye doctor!

Now, there's an exam that has some humor in it. I guess I could do without the air-puff-to-the-eye. But the rest is not bad. I've never had someone get so close to my face while in a dark room without actually kissing me than an eye doctor. Last week I went in for my eye exam. I am a contact wearer and am in a world of blurry colors without them. I think an eye doctor should understand this. So I was a little surprised when she suggested I visit the eyeglass frame gallery in the shop next door....while my eyes dilated....without my contacts in. She actually seemed a little surprised when I told her that that would be a waste of time since I wouldn't be able to see what the frames looked like. She should have know that. Just minutes before I miserably failed my eye exam. Not only could I not decipher the giant letter E on the wall, I couldn't even see that there was anything on the wall.

So I opted to look at a magazine in the lobby instead. I wonder if anyone in the lobby thought it was odd that the strange-lady-with-the -giant-pupils holds her magazine inches from her face. Probably not. They probably couldn't see either.

$82 dollars later I walked out with drug addict pupils and a fantastic pair of sunglasses. At least my kids have a new toy.


  1. Just wanted to let you know, all the details on the swap are up!

  2. Yeah, I've always found it slightly uncomfortable to get my eyes checked too!