Monday, March 2, 2009

Extreme makeover dog edition~

Our little Opal has won!

I wish I could say it was a beauty contest, but it was not. (Random drawing)

Nevertheless, she is a winner!

I know she will look stunning in her new bandana due to arrive later this week. Thanks for this fun giveaway, Rachel and Steve.
Actually, it's been a love hate relationship with Opal and me.
I love you....
She is so protective of the boys and has unending patience with them.
I love you not...
Did you really have to poop all over the living room floor a few months ago, Opal? I mean you have been housebroken now for over 3 years.
Unfortuanly Lucas found it first and "cleaned" it up with his blankie.
I love you....
Opal is the best excercise buddy anyone could ever ask for. She runs in the "heel" postition for as long as you choose and will not dart in front or to the side at all.
I love you not...
Opal is the smelliest dog I have ever encountered. She is full of gas at all times. It is never ending. The makers of Fabreeze owe us big! Who knew that much air could be packed inside a 40 lb body.
I love you...
She really is extremely obedient.
She won't eat until you give her permission. She will jump in the bath on command and when her bath is over she will not jump out until you are ready with her towel. She will sit, stay and come on command and is "calm submissive". Cesar would be proud.
Truthfully, I do love her and would miss her if she wasn't part of our family.
We'll have to keep an eye on her now that she's getting her "makeover" later this week. Don't want any boyfriends coming around. The last thing we need is another dog.


  1. Awww... what a sweet (funny) post! I can empathize... our Libby is potty training!

  2. What a funny post...I giggled all the way through it. Beautiful dog and I think if you own a dog, you really do have a love/hate relationship with them.