Friday, March 26, 2010

Random Friday

So I have the house to myself right now since Boys Club in in session tonight. And I think they're bringing a milkshake home for me instead of flowers~ Yummy!

Today was so productive. I finished my Easter dress (photos coming soon) and was able to make a simple shirred top. I have been wanting to try shirring for a while now and I really enjoyed sewing with this method. There are tutorials all over the internet if you are wondering how to get started.

In the mail today, I got the sweetest greeting card set from Man vs. George .
I had won a contest they hosted a few days ago and my prize was a pack of 6 greeting cards.
I wish you could see them in person as my pictures don't do them justice. They are really cute and well made using 100% recycled (and nice quality) cardstock.

I really love that the backs of the cards are decorated in addition to the fronts!

Finally, I made chocolate chip cookies last night using my fav. recipe. I'll post it sometime very soon for ya! Have the BEST weekend!

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  1. Your top is Beautiful..very nice job...Those cards are great..congrats on the win..