Thursday, March 4, 2010



I wanted share with you a contest going on at one of my favorite blogs.
The contest is called "Ruffle Your Stuff" and you can enter any item that has ruffles on it.
(Fabric, paper, photography, etc)
There are tons of great prizes and
you crafty types will really be inspired by reading the blog.

Here is one of my entries into the contest:

It's made from what was once a little shirt.
I made this from the same shirt:

They're both available in my shop.


On another note, Lucas has informed me that he wants to be a "Lobster eater" when he grows up.

Earlier this week he wanted to be a comic book hero, so I guess we are digressing.


  1. Those are both cute... I should enter that contest. I love ruffles.

    I love making things from old clothes!

  2. I think Lucas should be able to follow both of his dreams. Being a comic book hero is certain to work up an appetite so lobster eating can give him the energy he needs!LOL!
    What a cutie!

    Nice to see a fellow Texas girl. I live in Clear Lake, but the Woodlands is much prettier than our area!

  3. Cute items! What an interesting contest. I'll have to check it out.

    A Lobster eater huh? Doesn't sound like a bad gig!