Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Boys Club

I love Boys Club.
And I love my husband even more for creating Boys Club.

Boys Club consists of Josh, Zachary and Lucas and formally meets about once a week.
This means when they are at club meeting eating pizza, milkshakes, talking about God, how to treat Mom and other girls, and whatever "secret" things they talk about~ I am at home sewing, listening to absolutely nothing but silence, reading, or sometimes just staring into space listening to my own thoughts.
And every time the boys have returned home from Boy's Club, I am gifted with a new bouquet of fresh flowers.

LOVE Boys Club.

Thanks, Husband~
For teaching our boys how to love God and love their Mom.

This is not one of the fresh bouquets, I mentioned in case you were wondering.
This is a gift from my youngest gentleman who picks a fresh bouquet of weeds for me each time he goes out to play :)


  1. I think every boy/man should get to be in boys club... Ever considered branching out and starting chapters...? :D

  2. Ha! Yes, great idea~ My boys have decided that I need a "girl's club" but so far only me and the dog are in it. Every once in a while they let the 4 year old neighbor girl in.... :)

  3. I LOVE that Josh is doing this with his boys! You two are so special and we are so proud of your family!
    We love you! WE are really praying for you all and whatever comes your way...