Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today Josh and I are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary! We've talked for more than a year now about going back to Cancun to the same resort where we had our honeymoon. But since we don't have any more money now than we did then, we decided on dinner at PF Changs and a movie instead. Perhaps we'll splurge and have a dessert at Cheesecake Factory as well. I'm just glad the kids are going to be with the sitter for a few hours. I would have never thought 1o yrs ago that a "dream" evening would just be to have the kids out of the house for a few hours!
Let me say, I love my husband SO much and I am so glad that we are together! He is a great man, husband and daddy! Thankful, thankful, thankful!
Now, about the kids....
Zachary has had "something in his eye" for almost a week now. I think he just has "something in his head." He has refused to have "medicine" (contact solution) put in his eyes, so I told him he will just have to suffer. This morning I had enough of the whining. Is it ok to sit on your child while you force drops into their eyes? No? ....ok well nevermind.
Lucas is hoarse. Before you say, "awww, he must be sick" let me asure you he is not. He has just decided to scream his head off for the last 2 days. Terrible two, strong will, whatever it is, it is much more tolerable behind a closed bedroom door. I guess he does sound kind of cute with his raspy little voice. I can say that now, because the house is finally quite as Josh has taken him fishing.
Happy Anniversary to me! :)

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  1. Love sharing these precious moments with you, Jeanette, and the whimsical loving way you speak of your family.