Tuesday, February 3, 2009

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This may come as a shock to some of you.....

but I am not good at graphic design.

I know after yesterday's rainbow post you probably thought that I had spent years studying graphic art, but, alas I have not.

I just don't have an eye for it.

So you can bet when I read this, I certainly wanted to take advantage of it.

Angie has been wonderful to work with. I sent several "project" ideas her way since I didn't know what would work for her portfolio. One of the ideas was for her to design a fundraising letter for me to distribute to Zachary's kindergarten class. I am co-room mom and am in charge of collecting gourmet coffee donations for a class auction basket.

Here's what I had been sending out for the last several weeks:

Needless to say the donations weren't "pouring" in (pardon the pun).

Angie's design is far better!

Thanks, Angie, for all your hard work on this.

Pay her a visit in her Etsy shop and check out more of her great designs!

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