Monday, February 2, 2009

Come join the fun!

Love to make cards?
Love to receive cards?
Then come join the fun at the....
February card swap!!!!
All are welcome to participate. I will be taking "registrations" during the next week. You will receive the name of your card recipient on Feb.9 which should give you plenty of time to make (or buy) the card and get it to the recipient by the end of the month~
Here's all you need to do.....
1. Contact me by clicking the email link on this blog.
2. Please let me know these 3 things when you email me:
*Favorite color
*Choice of holiday or occasion
* Your name, email address and mailing address
3. On Feb 9 I will send you the contact info of the person who you will need to make (buy) a card for, along with their fav. color and choice of holiday/occasion.
4. It is your responsibility to have a card made for the recipient and in the mail to them by the end of the month. Try to fulfill the color/occasion request as best as you can, but this is not mandatory.
5. The card should be handmade and an appropriate envelope should be included with your card. IF YOU CHOOSE TO PURCHASE A CARD INSTEAD OF MAKING ONE, REMEMBER IT MUST BE HANDMADE! (CHECK OUT ETSY.COM, IT'S A GREAT PLACE TO MAKE A PURCHASE)
Remember!!! This is a card in new condition that is made to be used by the recipient. This is not a greeting card that YOU will write in!
Happy card making!!!! (and receiving!)


  1. That's sounds fun! unfortunately, I don't make cards.. at least not now :) Hope you have fun! :)

  2. i don't make cards but it sounds like fun!

  3. such a fun idea!!! I really love handmade cards and am always wishing I had more.