Tuesday, April 12, 2011

catching up~

Ha! I'm always "catching up!"

Opal escaped last week and apparently had the time of her life roaming the neighborhood. Rumor has it that she had traffic stopped coming and going on a major street near our house. The sweet lady that found her said Opal enjoyed some R and R playing with her dog and cat in her backyard. Meanwhile 2 little boys were beside themselves looking for her. It was so sad to see Zachary squeaking her little toy and calling for her!

Just made 12 of these cupcake toppers for a customer in California and love the way they turned out. There are just a few for sale in the shop, but I'm thinking of making more sets to list.

Speaking of cupcakes, when I purchased the above cupcake, there was a "tip jar" on the counter at the bakery. I was the only customer in the shop and the man behind the counter was just sitting and listening to his ipod. When we came in, he was super friendly to us, joking with the kids and carrying on. When I paid without leaving a tip he changed instantly. It was hilarious! I hate, hate hate tip jars. I never leave a tip in a counter-top tip jar. Never. Never-ever. But I'm thinking about bringing my own tip jar into shops from now on.

(confidential to my husband....please do not read any further.....)

When your 4 year old drops his sucker on the dirty parking lot, is it bad parenting to encourage him to "Hurry! Hurry! Pick it up and eat it before the germs crawl onto it?"


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