Sunday, November 21, 2010

Just random stuff~

Lucas is starting to dress himself now.
This is how he went to preschool on Friday.
Thankfully, he decided to leave the bicycle helmet in the van before going in.
I had him change out of his "Mario" shoes when I realized they were at least 3 sizes too big for him.

Just finished this blanket last night.
It's in the shop now.
(By the way, I got the Sandi Henderson fabric from this shop.
She has great prices and will do custom cuts.)

For those of you looking for some holiday recipes (or regular recipes for that matter)
allow me to introduce you to THE BEST, and I do mean THE BEST food blog in bloggy land.
I realize that once you click over here, you will never return to me.
So I will miss both of you, but in the season of Thanks and Giving, I feel I must let you in on
this little secret.
Melanie is someone who I would like to meet in person.
You know to have her cook dinner for me talk and chat.



  1. i love that photo of your son! my second boy, leo, loves to dress up, too. you'd be amazed at all the outfits he comes up with. it cracks me up. :) your boy is adorable!!

  2. Ok, you are the nicest person on the planet. I'd love to meet you, too...but I'd convince YOU to cook for ME! I never get that!