Sunday, October 10, 2010

2nd Annual Card Swap

~You are invited to Splendid's 2nd Annual Card Swap~
(well, this time only if you are in the USA to save on shipping costs)

Last year we had a lot of fun swapping handmade cards so I thought we should try it out again.
If you would like to participate, just read the following guidelines and then leave me a comment, shoot me an email or send an etsy convo (you may want to email/convo me because obviously any comments here will be public). Only contact me one way, though, or I might sign you and your twin up twice.

* All cards must be handmade, but they don't have
to be handmade by you. You can purchase
a handmade one off of etsy. You only send one card and will receive one card

* Enter by providing the following information:
1. Full Name
2. Mailing address
3. Email address
4. Color preference (this is just a suggestion and you may get a card with a different color)
5. Season or type of card preference (i.e. Christmas, Thinking of you, Valentine's, etc) ( again, just a suggestion)

*All cards must be blank inside and include an appropriate
fitting envelope for the recipient to use

* All cards must be mailed to your partner by November 1

* Enter by October 17. Once I get all the entries, I will email your assigned recipient's
information to you so you can see who to send a card to. You don't have to make a card that fits the recipient's preferences, but you can if you want bonus points (not that I'm giving out points or anything).

Easy enough. If you need more details or clarification, let me know.
Happy crafting!!!!


  1. What a great idea! I love all these swaps I see on blogs and flickr, I may have to start a handmade plush swap!


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