Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yeah!  I'm back online!  Thanks to my husband for installing the new modem!  

So, we went to the cell phone store today to get new phones. 
I headed straight to the free phones. All 2 of them.  I just can't stand the idea of actually paying for a phone.  When you only use a phone for talking about 1x a day, and are more interested in the color of the phone than the functions, you can't justify paying for a phone.  

"I'm looking for something VERY basic. Something old school is what I want. In fact, if you have something with a curly cord attached that would be perfect."
"Do you want one with a rotary dial?  :)"  The sales lady said.

Yes, in fact....that is exactly what I think I want.  
A carrier pigeon would work as just as well, though, if you have one of those in stock.  

I just need something that doesn't cut out when I rest it on my shoulder while changing a diaper.  That's really all I need.  
"This phone has a camera" the sales lady said.
"But how would I get the pictures from the phone onto the computer" was my reply.
"This one has a music player" she said.
But how would I get the music from the phone to my ear?
  "Do you text?" She asked
Well, I have a few times.  But to be honest I've kind of avoided it since I accidentally sent a seductive text to our pastor thinking it was going to Josh. 

In the end, I opted for a $19 gorgeous red phone.  I think she felt sorry for me (or annoyed by me) because she said I could have it for FREE!!!!!


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