Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So, Josh is out of town and I am remodeling the house.
Kind of.
If you consider spray painting everything in sight remodeling, then I am remodeling.
I'm not a good decorator.
At. all.
And our budget right now is tight. So I have decided to shop my own house and re purpose some worn out items.
For a non-decorating kind of girl that means spray painting stuff.
So I got a can of spray paint and went to town.
It's somewhat addicting.
I have been pacing around the house all afternoon thinking of what I can victimize next.

I wonder if Josh would mind if I spray painted the headboard?
Do we really love that white refrigerator even though all the other appliances are black?
Or would it look better in "glossy black?"

He called from Florida today but I didn't mention anything. I want him to be surprised when he gets home. (and if my projects don't work...oh boy will he be surprised!!!) Yikes!
I'm sure he became a little suspicious after I asked him if he was especially fond of the silver lamp that sits on our bar.

So, in a few days I'll post pics of some before and after.
Unless this is all a big mistake in which case I won't be posting any pictures and I'll just pretend like I never mentioned any of this.

And don't worry...I haven't built up enough courage to paint the refrigerator yet.



  1. You are a brave woman indeed...go for it paint the frig..You can get appliance spray paint..Hey it will match the rest of your kitchen..You know you want to do it...

  2. Spray painting cabinet door handles will give your whole kitchen a new look. I did that last year to save money instead of buying new ones. Good luck!

  3. Great idea! We don't own this home or I would do that in a flash! But I'll remember it for the future! Thanks!