Saturday, May 23, 2009

t-shirt to drawstring bag tutorial

This 10 minute project will turn an old or outgrown t-shirt into a drawstring bag.

It's as easy as pie (easier). And it's a great way to keep one of your child's special t-shirts around even after they have outgrown it. I made one a while back with one of Lucas' old shirts and now I keep some of my sewing notions in it. It's a great project for making a little snack bag to take to the beach, a little girl's purse, etc.

Get an old t-shirt or onesie. Be sure the top of the shirt has a standard sized ribbed snaps, no super thin casing, etc.

Turn the shirt inside out.

Line the top of the shirt to make the casing even. The straighter across you get it the better.

I should have made mine even straighter....straight across the top. You will do better. Sew straight down the side of the casing, down, across the bottom and back up the other side. I used brown thread to show you. Doesn't matter, since the thread won't show.

Cut around the new seam ...about 1/4 inch is fine.

Turn shirt (now a bag) right side out. Cut a little hole with scissors into the casing. BE SURE TO JUST CUT THROUGH THE TOP PART MAKING A TUNNEL...NOT ALL THE WAY THROUGH BOTH LAYERS! I used a yellow pin to show you where.

Thread a thin cord through. I used "rat tail." You can even use ribbon if you are good at threading.

And there you have it...a simple drawstring bag!

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  1. I hear a pile of outgrown t-shirts calling my name. :-)
    Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. What a great idea. I now have ideas spinning around in my head. Time to get "bagging"!
    cspmom at gmail dot com

  3. wow I'm so going to try this! Thanks:)

  4. Wow! What a cool idea! I will definitely do this! Thanks!

  5. that's a great idea! thanks for sending me the link. :)