Tuesday, May 12, 2009

All my good deeds have been tainted by John Quinones....

I don't know if I am really being nice or if I am just scared that he is going to emerge after an annoying social encounter with a camera crew close behind.

So a few days ago I was in the grocery store.

I already had my groceries on the conveyor belt and was ready to get out of there.

And there she was.....a few customers back in the line asking if she could move ahead because all she had was a gallon of milk.

The lady behind me grunted and informed her that the express lane was open and there was no line there. (Which was true...and it was only 2 lanes away from where we were standing)

She wasn't interested in the express lane.

So the woman behind me finally waved her ahead. Now it was my turn. What would I do? Would I allow her to go ahead or tell her we were all in a hurry and she would just have to wait.

Let me point out here that I think it is terribly rude to ask to cut in line at the store. IMO, unless your water is breaking, there in no excuse for it.

Of course, I let her cut. Because I am nice?
Perhaps beacuse I fully expected John to jump from behind the toilet paper display and stick a microphone in my face asking me why I made that particular choice.
For my 1st television debut, I want to be known as the "nice, helpful and kindhearted" lady.
Not the "If you don't make my face foggy and disguise my voice I will sue you" lady.
Now (in a nice voice with a smiling face) I am inviting all of you to scroll down 2 posts and enter the giveaway. Tomorrow night I'll draw a winners name.


  1. That's funny! I thought I was the only one. That crossed my mind when my husband and I went out to dinner and someone across from us dropped something. Do we tell her? Do we wait to see if she figures it out? I told my husband we should do something or John Quinones would pop out and we would look so bad! :)

  2. what a hoot! i'm generally too grumpy at the market to even remember ol' john might jump out and startle me! good heads up...

  3. Man! I know that has happened to me before and, like you, I let the person cut in front of us. STUPID STUPID! I regretted it IMMEDIATELY for being a PUSHOVER! It is RUDE of them to ask for something so trivial. Often I only have one item and do not ask to cut. Nice people finish last and no truer words have ever been spoken. It must still be bugging me ( years later might I add) because your story was making my blood boil just reliving it. I'm better now though. Who is this John guy anyway?

  4. I let people cut in line. You never know what is going on with them. A sick child waiting in the car with the other parent; a rush for milk before they have to get off to work; a meal almost finished with no milk for mashed potatoes.

    I generally offer, if I notice their small item(s).

    I love the show "What Would You Do?" I would hope I would pass the test!