Saturday, July 12, 2014

Cupcake Quest Part 2 (Cupprimo)

So after being a bit disappointed in our first attempt at finding Austin's best cupcake, we ventured up to North Austin to Cupprimo.  Oh, boy...I might not need to look any further for Austin's best cupcake.  I ordered the Nutella Surprise ~ A chocolate hazelnut cake with Nutella filling and buttercream.  The cake was super dense and heavy but so very soft and moist.  The butterceam icing was good, but had already crusted quite a bit, naturally, and I think I would have liked it quite a bit more had we eaten the cupcakes right after they were made/iced.  It is hard to adequately explain how yummy the cake part was.  You could taste layers of flavor: chocolate, hazelnut and I think possibly coffee.  So, so yummy and filling!  Lucas picked out the Brownie Sundae (brownie cupcake with vanilla buttercream and chocolate ganache) and Zachary had the Double Chocolate (chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream). Thankfully, neither boy could finish their large cupcake which means I got their leftovers for an afternoon snack and after dinner treat.  Zachary's cupcake was very good.  Again, super dense yet moist cake and yummy frosting.  But let me tell you, Lucas's cupcake was heavenly.  I have never had a brownie cupcake, but it was exactly what you would image the marriage of a fudge brownie and a deep chocolate cake to be. Incredible!  This is how much I loved  Cupprimo (or how weird I am):  I couldn't sleep later that night (probably from all the sugar and caffeine) and when I woke up at 3 a.m.ish all I could think was, "must have the brownie or hazelnut  cupcake recipe."  I remembered that Cupprimo was featured on Cupcake Wars and knew that some of the recipes from that show are posted on the Food Network website.  But I didn't know what season and episode featured Cupprimo.  So up at 3am, I watched YouTube videos to find when they were on the show (the episode was a lot of fun to watch as their event was an I love Lucy celebration) and found that they were eliminated after the 2nd round.  Anyway, the recipes from that episode were from the winning team so no Cupprimo cupcake recipe for me.  Oh well....
At Cupprimo there are several daily flavors and the rest rotate.  Large cupcakes are $3 but you can purchase mini cupcakes for $1.  I meant to take a picture of the boys in front of the counter, but between the cupcakes and Krispy Kreme's (just down the street) siren song, I went into a bit of a trance.  But next time I'll remember the picture.  I'll certainly be back!

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