Monday, September 5, 2011

Mailman play set

Lucas's teacher has a wish list and some of the items on the list are occupation type dress up play sets for the kids to use during center time for pretend play.

I decided to make a mailman play set since I had lots of time on my hands this weekend.
It was fun to be creative with this set and it was actually pretty inexpensive since I used primarily felt.

You can open the little envelopes and in each one is a shape or pretend note.

Lucas has already had lots of fun playing with the set this weekend.


  1. Myohmy I looooove this so much!! You are amazing!!

    I'm going to have to read more and look around your shop in the morning when I've dipped my head into a new bucket of coffee.

    Thanks for stopping by Sunshine and Sippy Cups today-- So glad you did, because I'm LOVING your stuff here!!! :)

  2. This is so cute! I used to play mailman when I was really little and used one of my mom's purses and taped a mail sign on it. I would have loved this!