Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kid Stuff~

What does a 4 year old buy with some of his Christmas money?????

A neck tie of course!

He basically hasn't taken it off.
The first 2 nights he slept in it and was upset at me
the next day when he discovered I had removed it in the night
for fear that he would choke himself.

Poor Zachary had a bad case of pink eye last week and missed school on Friday.

I know he's really sick when he literally lays on the couch all day
and doesn't even have the energy to play video games.
(well, that and the fact that his eye looked like a golf ball!)


  1. I love the tie story and I would worry about choking too.

    Poor boy with pink eye. It is miserable!

    I hope you'll stop by my blog today. I have a very special post.


    Today's blog post
    A tribute to my husband on the 10th anniversary of his death


  2. Poor Baby with pink eye! I love the neck tie. My 6 year old spent his money on flarp and a plastic recorder.

  3. Ladies, Left both of you some blog love....