Thursday, December 2, 2010

Easy and Unique Recipe Cards~

Wanted to share an easy and unique way
to make cute recipe cards for your personal file.
(By the way, the above recipe is my favorite apple pie recipe adapted
from SO, SO good!!!)

*1st- Take photo for a background.
I like to use a photo of the baked good itself as a background.
It's a great reminder of what the finished product looks like. :)
You can also use cute kitchen items, retro aprons, landscapes,
your kids sweet faces, etc.

*Load photo on or photo editing site of your choice.
I love ipiccy.  It's very user friendly and it's free.
Once your photo is loaded, you can use various tools that the
website offers to edit the photo. You can choose to change
it to black and white, to soften it, to correct red eye, and on and on.

*Once photo is edited as you want it, add text 
to write your recipe on the photo.
Save the final photo recipe card when finished.

*Load the image on to a photo printing site.
I like to use because it is convenient, user friendly
and you can almost always find a coupon for cheap prints.

*Order your cute recipe cards! (At you
can have them printed at a store of your choice or have them
You can have them printed in various sizes to fit your own recipe box.

I have many recipes printed this way in my personal recipe card box.
I have also printed these out in the past to enclose in a card
for a new bride. You could also attach them to a baked good
that you are giving to a friend or loved one.

Happy creating!


  1. Love this idea alot. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Jeanette - this idea is so cute! I love it!

  3. This is such a great idea I love recipe cards even though im not consistent enough for them

  4. These are cute! Thanks for sharing!


  5. Such a cute idea! This would be great to bundle up a bunch and tie them with ribbon as a cute little gift :)

  6. Just realized I have several misspelled words in the apple pie recipe!

  7. Hello Dude,

    Really, it is the unique recipe card. You can share your personal problem easy and unique way in the cute recipe cards. Great idea! Thanks for sharing it.....

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