Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sewing Nook~

In our new home, we have a large utility room where I have set up my sewing "nook"

This is a dream come true.
In the past, I have kept all my sewing supplies stored and hauled everything out to the kitchen table each time I sew.
Most of these aprons are vintage and belonged to Josh's grandmother.

Of course the space is shared with Josh's tools.

And Howdy Doody.

By the way, I plan on making more paper banners to list in my Etsy shop this coming week, if you are interested in purchasing! :)


  1. so cute! i'm excited for you and your new creative space. :)

  2. Love this - what an amazing space for you to enjoy!

  3. I like the aprons. I particularly like the one with the red and white print. Howdy Doody makes me smile.

  4. I love the aprons- I am sure you will enjoy this space! We ordered a paper banner and matching cupcake toppers for Mia's birthday party and just loved it- many of the sellers I looked at had quite a wait time for their paper products, so I bet these will be great sellers! I have always loved your cards too! Glad to here Zachary had a great 1st day :)

  5. it looks so great! so glad you have the space now, perfect